DataCompliance LLC advises clients on creating a new market data business or taking existing businesses to the next level.

DataCompliance’s experience helps achieve business objectives smarter and faster. But why be in this space?

1. Making Data Work Profitably

  • Data Licensing is a high margin, profitable business in its own right.
  • It provides additional revenue streams which directly benefit the bottom line.
  • It strengthens the relationship between the source provider and the end user.
  • Understanding what price data is available internally both tradable and contributed prices will provide regulatory and cost benefits.

2. Relationships Generate Revenue

  • As the IDBs and vendors have discovered and leverage, usage of source data across a clients enterprise correlates to increased trading volumes for the source.
  • Equally embedding a sources’ data in analytics and models also correlates to increased trading volumes for the source.
  • Once source data becomes consumed within enterprise wide applications it is extremely difficult to remove.
  • This increases the ‘stickiness’ of the data, and revenue.