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  “Why spend millions of dollars putting things right, when investing thousands prevents things going wrong?”   

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Data: The Intangible Asset with Big Dollar Value

Information and market data has owners, and those owners have  rights which are exercised through charging third parties for  distributing and using their market data and information. 

Data's ephemeral nature, its ubiquity, the elasticity of infinite usage defines how data owners charge big dollars for access to and using information. 

The ability to charge for different types of market data through  licensing enables the source owners to create a high margin business  generating significant revenue flows. The users of the market data are  legally inhibited from doing with the data what they will. They must comply with the contracts, licences, and policy agreements they have  entered into with suppliers. 

Our Business-Data Compliance Management, Reduce Dollar Risk

Being Compliant requires effective licence management, through accurate and timely reporting, and identifying issues before they escalate. 

We provide the expertise and experience not usually available in-house.  Best practice licence management reduces the chance of audits, reduces potential audit findings in event of audits, and makes best use of available resources.  

Cost Effective Solutions, Expert Management

Data Sources, Exchanges are aggressive in policing their licences and policies. It is resource intensive and difficult to stay compliant with exchanges policies. 

Audits can result in multi-million dollar liability findings.  Our consultants have successfully advised clients on their audit defences and reduced exchange findings from between 65% and 100% of the initial liability.  

How? We have in-depth knowledge and experience of exchange policies and their application (and misapplication). 

However, best practice compliance management means events never need to get that far.

And thats where DataCompliance LLC comes in, 

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